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Benefits of Ginseng

Taken over an extended period of time, ginseng is used to energize and revitalize the human body. Advocates of ginseng take it everyday both in their food and as a medicinal to help cope with busy daily activities and stress. Results are gentle and subtle and there are no known adverse side effects. Several beneficial functions of ginseng have been recognized and some confirmed by research conducted in both Asia and North America.

Beneficial Functions

Some of the claims commonly included in the literature follow:

  Reduces fatigue and increases energy level

  Regulates the reactions of the body to stress

  Normalizes blood sugar levels

  Builds stamina and endurance

  Reduces the effects of aging

  Stimulates the immune system

  Regulates blood pressure

  Increases fertility and sexual potency

  Enhances overall health and vitality

  Decreases risk of disease

  Treats pulmonary diseases such as colds and influenza

There is also some evidence that ginseng can be used to treat diseases but individuals with diseases should consult their doctors before taking ginseng.

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